Rollin’ for RainWise


During Seattle’s August 5 Night Out event, members of Sustainable Ballard took their rolling rain garden to 14 block parties in Ballard. Joined by Pop Up bike pops, they popped into the parties to hand out free ice cream to people willing to take a pop quiz about rain gardens, cisterns, and the RainWise rebate program. Kids and adults alike were thrilled to sample the locally made “rain” and “mud” pops (coconut and chocolate) and share their knowledge about RainWise.


While 50% of respondents had seen a RainWise installation, only 5% had started or completed one themselves. That means there’s a big potential for many more pollution-preventing installations in the neighborhood—and judging by the many questions block partiers asked the bike-riding team, Ballardites are very eager to learn more about how to get RainWise.