“Reefs at Risk”

New video from The Redford Center

Watch it here: https://vimeo.com/442787740
Set on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, “Reefs at Risk” explores the harmful effects some sunscreen chemicals have on coral reefs, marine life and people. In order to protect this fragile ecosystem, Hawaii lawmakers pass a bill to ban the sale of sunscreens with oxybenzone and octinoxate. To learn more and download a reef safe sunscreen guide go to ReefsAtRisk.org

This issue is not just relevant to people living in coastal areas or visiting coral reefs; the use of these products inland can also harm the environment by making their way through rivers and streams out into the ocean. No matter where you are in the world please use reef safe (non-nano zinc or titanium dioxide) sunscreens and cover-up with sun protective clothing. Please share this important film to educate others and protect our most important coral reefs.

#ReefsAtRisk has been seen by millions of people worldwide: it was screened internationally, won awards at several film festivals, was featured by Upworthy, played on all flights on Hawaiian Airlines, and, most importantly helped Hawaii legislators ban sunscreens with oxybenzone and octinoxate from being sold in the state by January 1, 2021. Many other places have since enacted bans, including: Palau, the US Virgin Islands, Key West Florida, Bonaire, Aruba…

To learn more about how the chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products affect our health and environment go to thecoverupfilm.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @thecoverupfilm for updates about our feature film which is in development.

This film was made possible through support from a Redford Center Grant, with funding from the New York Community Trust. We want to thank our reef safe outreach partners and Fair Wind Cruises for sponsoring the subtitling of this film so that it may be seen around the world in different languages.