Raise Nature-Loving Readers

Get Your Kids Active in and for the Environment

Listed below are some generally reliable resources for teaching kids about the natural world from Parentmap.com

“National Geographic Kids National Parks Guide” by National Geographic Kids
“National Geographic Readers: Sea Otters” by Laura Marsh
“Salmon Forest” by David Suzuki and Sarah Ellis
“Come Back, Salmon” by Molly Cone
“Rising Seas: Flooding, Climate Change and Our New World” by Keltie Thomas
“Bringing Back the Wolves: How a Predator Restored an Ecosystem” by Jude Isabella
“Garden of the Spirit Bear: Life in the Great Northern Rainforest” by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
“The 7 Things You Absolutely Have to Know About Banana Slugs” by Jarad Petroske

For further (online) reading
For a broader look at environmental issues, such as ecosystems, endangered species, climate change and habitat destruction, the children’s librarians at Seattle Public Library put together a few lists from their collections of quality science books for kids.

National Geographic Kids
A True Book
DK Eyewitness Books
Earth Before Us

Individual Titles:
“Endangered Species” by Sean Sheehan
“Gone Is Gone: Wildlife Under Threat” by Isabelle Groc
“Under Threat: An Album of Endangered Animals” by Martin Jenkins