Sustainable Ballard seeking Festival Exhibitors & Sponsors

Are you a business owner looking for an excellent way to engage with your community? Well look no further! Our upcoming Sustainability Festival September 30th at Loyal Heights Community Center is a great way to connect with Ballard residents and demonstrate how your local business supports/encourages/strives to be more sustainable and Earth friendly.

This is an opportunity to interact in a low pressure/high fun setting with existing and potential patrons. It’s a chance to get out of the shop, warehouse, office and join us in the park to celebrate our continued efforts at increasing sustainable practices and stewarding our natural resources. In addition to being a great marketing opportunity for you and your business it’s also just a really joyful authentic experience.

Please check out our Festival Sponsorship page for more details and to apply. We invite you to Become a 2023 Festival Sponsor/Exhibitor and celebrate everything that makes our little corner of the planet amazing!