Festival Sponsor/Exhibitor Application

Please be sure to collect the following information before you fill out this form:

  • City of Seattle Business License number (if you have one)
  • Know your Sponsorship Level
  • Description of activity you will host in your booth (if you are exhibiting)

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Exhibitor Conditions  – Please read carefully!

Safety is priority #1. Families with small children will be present, so make sure your exhibit area, display materials, demonstrations and activities are kid-safe.

Set-Up: 8:30 am – 10:30 am. You may begin setting up as early as 8:30 am the day of the event. Please allow enough time to complete your set-up and remove your vehicle from the street by no later than 10:30 am.

Festival Hours: 11 am – 4 pm.  Except in the case of an emergency or hardship situation, you must keep your exhibit set up and manned until 4 pm.  You may not drive your vehicle onto the closed streets until after 4:15 pm. Non-compliance may affect your ability to exhibit in future years.

Security: You are solely responsible for the safety and protection of your exhibits, displays and materials at all times.  We will not be liable for any lost or stolen items.  Please make arrangements to protect valuable items.

Exhibit Space:  We are trying to accommodate as many exhibitors as possible, so if you would prefer to share an exhibit space, please let us know.

NO HAWKING: Exhibitors may not shout to passing visitors about their products, samples, services, activities or campaigns. All information is to be offered from the exhibitor’s space only.
NO OOZING: No A-frame signs, or any other type of advertising or campaigning are allowed outside of your space. Exhibitors may stand only directly in front of their own booth.  All sidewalks and fire lanes must remain clear.

NO PRODUCT SALES: The vibrancy of our festival depends on fest-goers feeling comfortably away from a sales pitch atmosphere. Our only permitted sales will be food, drink and subscriptions.  You are welcome to show your wares, offer samples and coupons, sign people up to be contacted later, or make arrangements for money exchange at another time.

Loading/Unloading: You will be assigned your space location about 1 week prior to the event and specific instructions about loading and unloading will be provided at that time.  Check in at the information booth if you have any questions.

Amenities: There will be Sani-cans in the NW corner of the park and there are restrooms in the Ballard Library to the SE.  Water is available at a drinking fountain in the center of the park.

Trash removal/Clean-up: There will be limited custodial services, manned by volunteers, so we all need to clean up after ourselves and pitch in to help keep the area clean and safe.  There will be compost, trash and recycling stations.  Please plan to remove your own garbage, composting and recycling at the end of the event so as to not overwhelm our volunteers.

Tear Down: The Festival ends at 4 pm and exhibits may not be removed until 4:15 pm. You are solely responsible for removing your exhibit, displays, materials, and cleaning up your area. Please remove your vehicle from the loading area as quickly as possible so others may get in and out.