Another chance to participate in a solar project!

Community Solar provides an opportunity for Seattle residents to buy in to a “community” array and earn their money back via credits on their electricity bill, thus making it much easier for a wider range of people to participate in a solar project  while also supporting a great cause!  Our current project is a 26kw system located atop the Holiday Apartments, which is one of Capitol Hill Housing’s affordable housing properties. In 2020, once everyone has earned back their investment (and, we hope, a little extra), it will be donated to Capitol Hill Housing to continue to support much needed affordable housing.

Here’s the latest information:

We’re over half way there! Thanks to your enthusiastic support, we’ve passed the half way mark—over 513 units of our Community Solar array have been sold!

The 26kW system located atop the Holiday Apartments went LIVE in late November and (even with our gray weather) has been producing clean, locally generated, renewable energy for the grid ever since!

You can view real-time data from the system here.

Want to join in on the fun? Sign up today (starting at $150)!

Community Solar is a way for residents to participate and receive the benefits of solar without having their own solar arrays on their roof—and in this case also supports a great cause! Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy Solar Units: Any City Light customer can sign up, starting at $150
  2. Get Paid Back: Earn your investment back via credits on your bill until 2020
  3. Feel Good: This project produces clean energy, supports the regional economy (all of the system components and labor are locally sourced!), and reduces the long-term operating costs of affordable housing.

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