New Free Letters Home™ Project Lead Needed!

Please Help Keep This Community Project Going!

Project: Free Letters Home™

About the Program: Free Letters Home™ offers the homeless community the opportunity to reestablish relationships and connect with loved ones via a mailed letter or card.

Location: TBD (formerly at Nyer Urness Urban Rest Stop)
Date and Time: TBD, (formerly 2nd Tuesday of the month, 6:00 – 8:00 PM)

Key Skills: organization, administration, record keeping, relational community outreach


  • Identify service location
  • Manage logistics and volunteers for outreach program to housing insecure members of our community.
  • On a regular basis, set up and staff table offering greeting cards, stationary, and stamps to constituents.
  • Assist with letter writing as needed.
  • Keep track of number of visitors and quantity of cards/stamps distributed. Replenish supply as needed.
  • Recruit and organize volunteer staff.

A note from our former Project Lead, Bev Beppler about the location:

“I have always camped out at Nyer Urness. I started volunteering there shortly after they opened. Our program was championed and supported by the staff. After awhile we all realized it was more about us showing up every month relationally than about the cards. If/when they re-open to volunteers I hope FLH would be welcomed back.
I always thought the Ballard Food Bank would be a great location, but they never had the space in their old location. They have a new location now with community space.
Greg and Stacey Barber, founders of Free Letters Home would set up a table outdoors at Everett Parking lots where other homeless service providers congregated. A bolder leader might set up a table under a tent in Ballard Commons or outside the library (still under cover) — if they had a folding table and tent.
Andrea had good response to her presence at the Womens Tiny Villages.
The need is there. The supplies are in my basement. The community has been supportive. I have a list of volunteers and I am willing to work alongside the new leader to help launch them.”

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Interested? Contact Andrea Faste at:

Thank you to Bev for her years of service!