May is National Bike Month – Have you taken the challenge?

Check out the 2018 Bike Everywhere Challenge home page:

An excerpt:


The Bike Everywhere Challenge is a fun and free competition to encourage your friends and colleagues to experience firsthand the joys and benefits of riding a bike, even in the rain! The idea of the Challenge is to turn a common barrier to biking — inclement weather — on its head and celebrate biking during a rainy month of the year. We think that if you can ride while it’s raining and enjoy it — and we’re confident you will — you’ll see how possible it is to bike all year round. There are lots of fantastic prizes being offered to tempt your team, which we’ll announce as the Challenge approaches!


  • You and your friends compete against other teams of up to 10 people
    • Like the Ride in the Rain Challenge, new riders get double points for trips logged. However, we have removed the requirement to have 2 new riders on a team of 10. Your Challenge team can be made up of anyone you wish, but just remember, more new riders = more points.
  • The aim is to earn the most points.
  • Points are earned by:
    • riding
    • and getting other people to ride too.
  • You can ride anywhere, anytime between May 1-31 to take part.

The Challenge is not just about who can ride the most miles, but who can encourage the most people to give bicycling a try.

*New riders are those of us who haven’t ridden or only ridden a few times in the past year

Click on the link at the top of this article to learn more.  Will you take the challenge?