Little Free Library – Fall Shuffle / Drive Continues

Do you have a library that needs books, or have you seen one that does?

With Seattle Public Libraries still not fully open, lots of books are circulating from Ballard’s Little Free Libraries.

Our latest map of Ballard’s little libraries shows nearly 50 boxes, and there has been an uptake in activity since schools and libraries closed.

Paula has folks drive up to her box, which she keeps well stocked, but there are some books that just are stale for her audience. So she is organizing a fall Book Shuffle / Drive to restock boxes and re-market some titles.

Some in our community are already on board:
Sweet Micky’s Candy Shoppe owner, RB, has been a long time box owner, and advocate of reading. His beautifully painted box was given to him by a class of kids and stocked for his youthful clientele. It was always his library Paula wheeled over to our Sustainable Ballard festival when his shop was just beside Ballard Commons. Look now for his box at his new location on Ballard Ave.

JF’s box has suffered several thefts, so that is one little library her friends can always restock, as neighbors already do. Also she suggested putting in giveaways as a way of community sharing.

ST, also a long time library owner, whose lovely-crafted metal box Paula has always admired, responded already that she is in on the project.

It’s such a win-win to clean out your shelves and stock neighborhood little libraries, so please let Paula hear if you may have some books to move out.
Or have you perhaps seen a library that needs books, please get in touch. Thanks for all your books, Melissa K, Kay C, and Barb M.

So do you have any good books to donate? Does your library need restocking? Do you have books in your library that need a new locale, perhaps? Let Paula hear.

Contact Paula for drop off info or pick up request.