Lend your skills to help get the Ballard Tool Library up and running!

The Ballard Tool Library is so-o-o close to opening, but we need a little help.

Do you enjoy puttering around Social Media?  We’d love a volunteer to help us with outreach and promotions, getting information out via FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as through more traditional media.

Are you a handy person?  We need help completing the insulation installation and then putting up and finishing the drywall.

If you can help with these projects, or want to know more about the Ballard Tool Library and other ways you can help us get this new neighborhood resource up and running, contact Anna.

On Demand Repair Help
For the remainder of 2017, the BTL will offer on-demand Repair Help.  We’ll match you with a knowledgeable Repair Specialist and you’ll be able to use our tools in-house.  We have a selection of hammers, saws, sewing machines, and more.  Send us an email at ballardtoollibrary@gmail.com to let us know what you need.