Keep This Land in Public Hands Informational Open House – Mar 22

March 22, 2015, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Sunset Hill Community Association Clubhouse: 3003 NW 66th Street, Seattle

Seattle Green Spaces Coalition and Groundswell NW present this power-building event.
•           See what potential green space could be sold to a private developer.
•           View before/after photos (good and bad) of other substations
•           Meet other neighbors/organizations with overlapping concerns
•           Unite to stop the sale of these lands while shaping public policy
Throughout Seattle former Seattle City Light substations are at risk of being sold to private developers, with eight (8) in Ballard.  Some of these properties are hiding in plain sight, across from Ballard High School, by the VFW on Market, on Phinney. These properties have the potential to become green space or what best meets community needs. Selling these surplus/excess sites to private developers would mean further loss of potential green space and tree canopy.
The purpose of this event is to bring together neighbors and neighborhood groups to combine your concerns and strengthen our public voice. Although we all love living in Seattle we need to join forces in order to impact City policy on land use and development, because affordable housing, economic evictions, and infrastructure concerns are all related.
This program will include a slideshow by Cass Turnbull (a feasibility study funded by a Groundswell NW microgrant). Next step planning and materials to share will enable us to join forces and mobilize the northwest area of the city before lands are sold from underneath our noses. This will include substation treasure hunt and passports.
Seattle Green Spaces Coalition was formed in 2014 by Seattle neighbors who appreciate green spaces as places of natural beauty and wildlife habitat in their neighborhoods. The mission of SGSC is to re-purpose City property as parks, green spaces or for other uses consistent with City’s environmental goals.
Groundswell NW was formed in 1989 and incorporated in 1992 as a grassroots effort to create more parks, open space and natural habitat in the northwest area of Seattle. Since then, this vision has grown to include a connected system of parks and natural habitat uniting our community.
We thank the Sunset Hill Community Association for donated use of this venue in support of this cause.
Excess/Surplus City Light Substations in the Ballard area that could be sold in 2015:
Name                                               Address                                           S.F.                        Area
Ballard Substation                      6730 24th Ave NW                          5,100                    Ballard
Leary Substation                        1414 NW Leary Way                       8,800          Ballard/Crown Hill
Loyal Heights Substation          7750 28th Ave NW                          8,158          Ballard/Crown Hill
Market Substation                     2826 NW Market St.                        9,468                   Ballard
Monroe Substation                   1407 NW 65th St.                            4,000                    Ballard
North Beach Substation           9407 19th Ave NW                          6,600           Ballard/Crown Hill
Olympic Hill Substation            8032 15th Ave. NW                          6,780           Ballard/Crown Hill
Phinney Substation                   6109 Phinney Ave N                       6,000         Greenwood/Phinney
Sunset Hill Substation              3209 NW 65th St.                            6,300                    Ballard
Questions and inquires: Peggy Sturdivant, peggysturdivant@gmail.com206.419.5845