Katie and Family


“Our yard is a community meeting place. A neighbor calls it ‘the local nature sanctuary.’  People stop here to see what’s blooming and say hello.

Our rain garden complements our yard perfectly. Our fantastic contractor helped me choose some native plants that attract birds and some edible plants. Now we especially love to go outside in the rain to see the little pool that forms in the rain garden.

The family’s cisterns are not only good for the planet; they are also fun to play with!

My son, 3 years old, loves everything about the garden. I couldn’t keep him out of it, so I built a bridge over it so he could get closer!

I teach Environmental Science and so I read and teach often about the sewer overflow problem that rain gardens are helping to solve by redirecting stormwater. It always seemed crazy to me to have rainwater go in the sewers, so getting RainWise was a no-brainer for me. We have 750 gallons of water storage capacity at this time, which my son also loves for play and ‘watering’ the garden (mostly spilled).

My favorite thing about the program is that I received a significant benefit to my yard (and property value); I’m helping to store some of the rainwater overflow (produced by the footprint of my house) and the contractor was able to do what they do best. A win-win-win!”
– Katie

  • Rain Garden and 2 Cisterns (installed January 2013)
  • Design by Garden Seasoning, Inc. (now Monsoon Rain Gardens)
  • 1,954 sf Roof Runoff 
  • captured
  • $5,897 Rebate
  • 87% of total cost