June Waste Reduction Tips

Summer is almost here! With travel restrictions lifting and Father’s Day just around the corner here are some ideas to keep in mind if you are planning a vacation and/or a special day for dad.

Sustainable Travel Tips

Love to travel but also love taking care of the planet? While traveling is not sustainable there are ways to keep your impact on the environment minimal.

– Find a vacation destination close to home – make the most of your local surroundings. Avoid places suffering from over-tourism. Over-tourism is where there are too many visitors to a particular destination.
– Choose traveling by train, bus or ship over flying. If you have to fly to your destination carbon offset your flight. Choose nonstop flights.
– Go camping or choose an eco-friendly hotel. Stay in a multi-person hostel.
– Reduce your paper consumption. Download your plane, train or bus boarding passes and store them on your phone. Download offline maps onto your phone so that even when you have no internet abroad, you can still get around easily.
– Skip the ride share or car rental. Walk or cycle to get around whenever possible. Use public transport. If you have to drive, rent a hybrid or electric vehicle.
– Eat local produce and cook in your accommodation. Put your leftover food that you won’t eat in a free food box.

Father’s Day

Make this Father’s Day a time you will remember together with a few interesting and sustainable ideas:

– Grill green with your pops. To reduce CO2 emissions, use a natural gas grill, choose locally-raised produce, and make sure to clean your grill while it’s still hot.
– Get outside. Go to one of Seattle’s many parks or trek outside the city for a hike. Check out the Washington Trails Association Hike Finder Map.
– Find that perfect and eco- friendly gift! Buy local.
– Visit the Ballard Farmer’s Market.