Join our Facebook group – Complete Missions and Win Prizes!

Get out and look for signs of sustainability! Complete each mission by taking a picture or screenshot and posting it to our Facebook group. You can submit multiple entries for each mission. New themed missions added each month. Prizes awarded each month and at the end of the UnFestival Scavenger Hunt! Your first missions await…

Evergreen Missions (complete from now until November)

  • Calculate your ecological footprint – take a screenshot LINK
  • Repair an item in or around your home. LINK and LINK
  • Make something new out of something old. LINK
  • Attend a BLM protest. LINK
  • Recommend a sustainability-related book you’ve read. LINK
  • Dry your clothes on a clothesline or drying rack outside. LINK
  • Donate to a homeless shelter or care facility. LINK
  • Recommend a sustainability-related documentary that you’ve watched. LINK
  • Show us something you use over and over – we want to see signs of wear. LINK
  • Send a letter or email to a local representative (issue of your choice) LINK