Idle-free was Far from Idle in 2023

Idle Free Ballard, a project of Sustainable Ballard, educates Ballard residents about the ecological, financial, and health costs of unnecessary vehicle idling. In 2023 we handed out 300 educational cards and 25 posters, networked with schools, churches, and community groups, tabled at seven public events, and spread the word in community newsletters, etc. Not-so-fun fact: nearly four million gallons of fuel is wasted by unnecessary idling in the US every day.

We can all can save money and health by turning off our engines…. whether you’re waiting for the Ballard Bridge to open, picking up kids outside school, in the drive-through at Starbucks, or a shopper checking your phone in the parking lot before heading out. Simple things can make a big difference: check your phone before you turn on your car.

Please join us:
Hand out cards and posters
to your friends, neighbors, local shops, businesses, etc.
Contact a school to educate parents and students. We have a sample article for newsletters.
Table at local events – or tell us about events where Idle Free could have a table
Sew or print an Idle Free banner for tabling at events.!

Visit to learn more.

Remember, idling gets you nowhere!