Honor the Earth Every Day by Protecting Air Quality

Honor the earth every day by protecting air quality, human health, and climate stability – volunteer for Idle Free Ballard! Unnecessary vehicle idling wastes four million gallons of fuel in the US every day.

Remember to turn off your engine –waiting for the bridge to open, outside school, or in the drive-through! Simple things can make a big difference: check your phone before you turn your car on.

We need you!
Hand out cards and posters to your friends, neighbors, local shops, businesses, etc. We deliver!
Table at upcoming events!
Contact your local school to educate parents and students. We have a sample article for newsletters. And a link to signage!
Sew or print an Idle Free banner!
To get cards or posters, or learn more, visit https://www.sustainableballard.org/idle-free-ballard/