Green Affordable Housing Presentation – Apr 14

King County Green Tools presents
Marty Kooistra, Kathleen Smith, Mark LaLiberte
Green Affordable Housing
12:00pm, Thursday, April 14, 2016
Downstairs at Town Hall
Free with registration. Doors open: 11:30am.
King County Green Tools

Affordable housing availability is a major issue in the Puget Sound and, because of social, financial, and regulatory issues, making this already-limited housing green can be challenging. While the upfront costs of incorporating green building elements may be higher,, improved indoor air quality, and reduced toxin exposure can help developers, residents, and communities realize long-term benefits of sustainable design. This panel discussion will work to address these economic and health benefits, and lay the groundwork for taking affordable housing standards to the next level. Local and national housing affordability and building experts will cover: Using innovative approaches like passive housing, the Living Building Challenge, and net positive energy and water certifications.