Free Letters Home – Volunteers Needed!

A letter home.  That could be the first small step to reconnecting homeless individuals with their loved ones, to re-establish a relationship long neglected, or simply to say “I’m ok”.  We provide free stationery, stamps and support with letter writing.

Volunteers Needed:

This is really the easiest volunteer assignment ever! You need to be able to read and write, have good interpersonal skills, and be available for two hours once a month. If you’re unsure — come once and try it out!  We hope to find 2-3 volunteers who can make a six-month (or more) commitment.   This is a great fit for anyone who has counseling experience (but it’s not required), is very relational, and/or anyone who wants to get off the sidelines of the homelessness challenges and jump into action.

Contact Bev to find out how you can help.