Film Screening: Plastic Paradise – June 14

EVERY single piece of plastic that has ever been created since the 19th century is still SOMEWHERE on our planet. So if it never goes away, where does it go?

Join Sustainable Ballard and Our Redeemers Lutheran Church on Sunday, June 14 at 6 p.m. to find out in this first edition of our Sustainable Sundays movie series.

Thousands of miles away from civilization, Midway Atoll is in one of the most remote places on earth. And yet its become ground zero for The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, syphoning plastics from three distant continents. In this independent documentary film, journalist/filmmaker Angela Sun travels on a personal journey of discovery to uncover this mysterious phenomenon. Along the way she meets scientists, researchers, influencers, and volunteers who shed light on the effects of our rabid plastic consumption and learns the problem is more insidious than we could have ever imagined.

View the trailer.

FREE screening
Sunday, June 14 @ 6pm
Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church – 2400 NW 85th Street

Sustainable Sundays sponsored by Sustainable Ballard + Our Redeemer’s EarthCare Team