Explore Seattle’s Urban Forest & Learn About Seattle’s Trees

Trees for Seattle Provides Ideas for Staying Engaged

There are plenty of ways each of us can care for and appreciate Seattle’s trees from the safety of our homes and neighborhoods. Learn about the urban forest, strengthen your connection to our landscape and understand the many ways in which trees and human communities are linked. Here’s a handful of ways to stay engaged:

  • Download the new Seattle Tree Walks mobile app for free on your Apple or Android smart phone and start exploring the trees in your neighborhood today!
  • Check out this video from Forterra
  • Visit the Trees for Seattle website to find fun activities like coloring pages and neighborhood scavenger hunts
  • Listen to the brand new Growing Old Podcast and imagine what Seattle and its forests will look like 50 years from now if we plant the right seeds today
  • Learn about the City’s commitment to environmental justice and take a look at the Equity & Environment Agenda
  • Explore the interactive Seattle Urban Forestry Online Storymap 
  • Follow Trees for Seattle on Facebook
  • Join Charlie as he explores a few neighborhood trees from the South Ballard Tree Walk (video link here).
Tree Walk video screen shot

Have some additional ideas or questions? Email them today.