Donate to Help Those Affected by COVID-19

Local Organizations helping Seattleites

Have a couple dollars to spare? Here are just a couple local options to help those in need during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.


FareStart is ramping up to provide emergency meals to people in need during the COVID-19 crisis. Working closely with government, community and foodservice partners, together to provide more than 15,000 emergency meals a day. The meals support shelters, quarantine and isolation centers, and other communities in need. They’re maintaining the highest measures of safety, cleanliness and social distancing in kitchens. Endorsed by Mayor Durkan as where to make donations for food security. Sustainable Ballard’s President of the Board just pledged $35 a month a few days ago. Donate to FareStart directly.

All In Seattle

All In Seattle is a group of like-minded community members who are quickly deploying resources directly to proven non-profits who can deliver it to those most in need. Launched on March 23, they’ve raised over $30 million to contribute directly to these non-profits. Their site lists ways to donate for food, housing, medical, to the organization of your choice. See the list on AllInSeattle.

Buy a Book Give a Meal

M Perfectly created a fundraiser that will help raise money to provide for those in need during the COVID-19 crisis. Each $20 purchase includes a copy of Whine Down and a cute insulated tote. 100% of the sale profits will go to charity. Half will benefit Farestart’s programs and the remaining will fund M Perfectly’s efforts to empower and employ women. The Buy a Book option may appeal to those who want the humor in Whine, the book. Get your copy here.