Do you love watching movies?

If so, we have a volunteer need that’s just right for you!  Our Meaningful Movies : Sustainable Ballard team is looking for a few people who would be willing to pre-screen the documentary films we are considering for screening to the public.  It’s easy!  Once, maybe twice, each month, you will receive a link (or sometimes a DVD) to watch, then you will give your impressions of the film to the rest of the team.  Ideally, you would attend our meeting, but if you are meeting-averse, you could email your thoughts to us.  We’d want to know things like:

  • was the film engaging? boring?
  • was the film even-handed? one-sided?
  • is the film relevant to our community?
  • does the film lend itself to partnering with an organization in our community?
  • would you recommend the film to your friends?

If this is something that is of interest to you, please email Margaret and we’ll get you started!