Climate Science on Tap! Climate Change Impacts in Puget Sound – Apr 10

Is the Food Web Hanging by a Thread?

Climate Science on Tap, Tuesday, April 10; 6:30pm-8:30pm; doors open at 5:30. At Lagunitas Brewing Company Tap Room & Beer Sanctuary, 1550 NW 49th St.  All ages welcome. Come early to enjoy the food truck, beer, and good conversation around the tables!

Free – All Ages and Dogs Welcome!  – Fish Races –  Food Truck – Beer – Engaging Discussions and Presentations – Climate & Marine Scientists

On March 14th, Governor Inslee announced his plan to save salmon and the orcas that  depend on them. Our next Climate Science on Tap event will focus on how a changing climate will impact fish, whales and the ecosystem they depend on. This event, scheduled for April 10th, also follows the weeklong Salish Sea Conference that brings together scientists and policymakers from across the region. Attend the event and let others know about this important public discussion!

Puget Sound is known for iconic scenery and wildlife. Recently WA Governor Jay Inslee signed an executive order outlining a strategy for southern resident orca whale and Chinook salmon recovery. But how is climate change impacting these animals? And how is the rest of the food web affected? This Climate Science on Tap will examine how the food web of Puget Sound and the wider Salish Sea will be altered by a changing climate, from microscopic plankton to massive orcas and everything in-between.

Three scientists will weigh in with fascinating presentations followed by an engaging discussion of the climate change impacts to salmon, whales, and the broader food web, as well as what we might expect in the future. The panelists include

  • Christopher Krembs, Marine Biologist, with the WA Dept of Ecology;
  • Iris Kemp, Ecologist for Long Live the Kings; and
  • Lynne Barre, National Oceanographic, and Atmospheric Association.

The event will be moderated by P. Sean McDonald with the University of Washington’s Program on the Environment and researcher with the School of Aquatic and Marine Science. W Environmental Studies faculty, researcher in aquatic and fishery sciences.

Doors open at 5:30 pm. Come early to get a good seat and enjoy the craft beer, food truck fare, and stimulating conversation! All ages (and dogs) welcome! Food truck and great beer to enjoy with friends while enjoying lively conversations!

This is another in the series of Climate Science on Tap events sponsored by Cascadia Climate Action in collaboration with the UW Program on the Environment.