Clean City Initiative Clears Out Leary Ave NW

Check out the ways departments across the city are collaborating to address litter and garbage.

The Clean City Initiative is a program that invests $3 million into new and existing programs to clean up litter and garbage across the city. The Clean City Initiative pulls together and expands efforts from Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and Seattle Department of Transportation to address the backlog in maintenance.

The Clean City Initiative includes: 

  • Additional SPU Litter Routes: Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will add 10 new litter routes to the existing 8 Community Litter routes to more than double efforts to collect litter and illegally dumped trash throughout the city. Each 50-block face route is serviced twice a week. (Litter route map)
  • Weekly Park & Neighborhood Focuses:In addition to regular maintenance, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR), SPU, and Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will focus weekly on extensively cleaning specific parks, neighborhoods, and surrounding streets through street cleaning, pressure washing, grounds maintenance, stairway cleaning, graffiti cleaning, and trash, debris and needle collection.
  • Increased trash pickup from encampments and RVs: In service of people living unhoused, SPR, SDOT and SPU will collect trash from encampments across the city through an expanded Purple Bag program and through on-site garbage collection.
  • Additional needle collection efforts: SPU will add 10 new needle boxes throughout the city, and the efforts above will all include needle collection from streets and park spaces. 

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