City Fruit looking for fruit trees

Thanks to the warm spring and timely rain, the 2014 summer harvest season is underway!  With the encouragement of Solid Ground, City Fruit has been asked to assist the fruit harvest this year in the Ballard and Wallingford neighborhoods.   Over the past five years, City Fruit has harvested more than 55,000 lbs of fruit for the food banks, created a thriving Orchard Steward program, taught dozens of classes, and created a registry of harvestable fruit trees of the Seattle area. None of this would be possible without the supportive community that we live in. City Fruit has been growing every year since its inception in 2009 and the trend continues this year with the expanded harvest that now includes neighborhoods in the north.

With your generosity, the momentum can keep going. If you would like to be a part of City Fruit’s community building mission of providing access to healthy, fresh produce to all people in our community by donating your fruit tree for harvest, OR if you have any questions whatsoever about City Fruit, please email Luke.  You can learn more about City Fruit at The website is full of resources on how to care for your trees, information about who City Fruit is and their goals as an organization, and notifications for upcoming community events and volunteer opportunities Thank you all very much!