Celebrate Pollinator Week June 19th-25th

This year focuses on Pollinators and Climate Change. Pollinators are dying in alarming numbers due to rising temperatures and loss of suitable habitat. The good news is YOU can be(e) helpful by creating healthy pollinator habitat in your garden, yard, rooftop deck, balcony, or parking strip! Even just a few pots on a window ledge or front stoop provides food, resting area, and increases necessary pollinator habitat. These small efforts will also help combat climate change by supporting healthy ecosystems, air, soil, water, and plants.

The great thing about Pollinator Week is that you can celebrate and get involved any way you like! Anything from planting for pollinators, hosting garden tours(Such as our 14th Annual Edible Garden Tour!) , participating in online bee and butterfly ID workshops, talking with neighbors about the importance of pollinators & pesticide-free gardening practices, and so much more.

For more resources and ideas on how to participate be(e) sure to check out Pollinator Partnership https://www.pollinator.org/