Black Lives Matter Solidarity

A Note From Andrea Faste, President of the Sustainable Ballard Board of Directors

Standing in front of Ballard High School on Fridays from 5-6 PM in solidarity with Black Lives Matter may seem like a small thing to do. For me it has been gratifying that drivers mostly honk or wave in support. I want to thank all the “regulars” who have been coming for months.

I urge everyone who can to show up for the three Fridays in June leading up to Juneteenth, marking the day in 1865 that marked the end of slavery in Texas, the last state in the confederacy to learn of emancipation. We will wave flags commemorating Juneteenth. We invite you to stand up for Black Lives Matter each Friday at 5:00 pm at 65th and 15th. Go here to get on the mailing list for Black Lives Matter updates.

Also, please note that the State of Washington will now recognize Juneteenth as an official state holiday.