Barter Fair and Holiday Party! – Dec 11

holidayflyer2016-1-page-001What could you make for the barter fair and holiday party?

2014-barter3 2014-barter4Do you make jam? chocolates? pies? cheese? beer?

Do you make jewelry? do you knit?

Does your pig find truffles in the forest?

Can you walk a neighbor’s dog? House sit? Baby sit?

Would you teach fiddling? or cooking?



Any of these and other things and services like them would be great to trade at the Barter Fair!


In past years, barter items have included:

– hand-made scarves, bags, napkins, jewelry and pottery2015-12-06-19-35-00
– homemade holiday decorations, swags, candles, cards
– home-grown or foraged produce – home-made jams, truffles, dried fruit, granola, sauerkraut, beer, cookies and other delectable goodies
– services such as dog-walking, tax assistance, home-sitting, massage, yoga, sailing, AirBnB and more

Please join us!