Ballard Sprouts Greenhouse Project Starts Soon

Starting again in mid-February

Ballard Sprouts will again start seeds, grow plants and donate the seedlings to gardeners in Seattle who will grow them and donate the harvest to the Food Banks.

We will start planting seeds in early February in flats. In March we will transplant the seedlings into pots (5 per pot).

We work in a greenhouse or outside in a backyard next to the greenhouse. The greenhouse is located near 32nd Ave NW and NW 59th St.

Volunteers work one hour per week. We use a scheduling tool so only one person is working in the greenhouse at a time. If you would like to work on this project then plan to join in early March for a training session about our transplanting procedures. Then sign up for a time to work alone in the greenhouse.

We are looking for 5 new volunteers. Contact Paula Jensen to sign up.