Ballard Sprouts 2023 News

Ballard Sprouts is a volunteer project at a private Ballard greenhouse that starts seeds, tends them and then donates them to giving gardeners in Seattle.  These gardeners will raise the plants, harvest them and give them to Seattle Food Banks. Most giving gardens are located in Seattle P-Patches.  Here is a map of the location of the over 90 P-Patches in Seattle. The yellow highlights those P-Patches who picked up plants from Ballard Sprouts. As you can see, we do not have much coverage in south Seattle.  This is about to change.  This year we started a successful Pilot Project at Heron’s Nest off West Marginal Way in West Seattle. We had space in their greenhouse and we grew over 2,500 plants. We will continue and expand this in February 2024.

We have found another location on Beacon Hill just south of the VA. This enthusiastic homeowner with a greenhouse will grow up to 5,000 plants for donation.

If you have friends or family members in West Seattle or Beacon Hill who would like to spend quiet time in a greenhouse planting seeds, transplanting, and tending plants then please have them contact We are looking for volunteers.

Meanwhile we are still looking for a backyard greenhouse in north Seattle where we can grow 5,000 sprouts. Here is a photo of 5,000 plants at our current greenhouse. We will no longer have this space after June 2024. If you or your neighbors or friends have a greenhouse please let us know at

We would be happy to invite them for a tour during our project that runs from mid February until the end of April.