Ballard Prepares: Disaster Drill – May 17

You are invited to help at the May 17, 2014 Practice Drill
Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs

Community groups and emergency volunteers will participate to test neighborhood emergency preparedness.

Please stop by your nearest Hub on May 17th to see how the Hubs work and what role you can play. There are two ways you can participate:

  • Come be a “citizen actor” as we practice preparedness for a disaster in the Seattle area. We need people who can drop in for a time and play the role a citizen in need. We will provide scripts for you to use.
  • Part of our practice is to do on-the-job training for new hub volunteers. Please come and we’ll show how neighbors can help each other in the event of a disaster.

The Emergency Communications Hubs will join the City’s Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) ham volunteers to simulate a volcanic explosion’s impact on Seattle, especially if the wind blows ash towards the city and resulting lahars impact infrastructure. “It’s all about neighbors helping neighbors” said Carl Leon, one of the drill organizers. “We set up neighborhood Hubs where people can come to get information and share resources or skills to help those who have been affected.”

The ACS volunteers will practice sending situation reports of conditions in each neighborhood from the Hubs into the City’s Emergency Operations Center. In a real event, that information could be used by City response planners to assess conditions throughout the city and develop response plans. Inter Hub communication will also be practiced.

Saturday, May 17 at the locations listed below, 9:00 am to noon. Feel free to drop in for all or part of the drill.

These Hubs are participating in the drill:
Ballard Loyal Heights Park
Ballard Gilman Park
Ballard Shilshole Marina
Capitol Hill Jubilee Women’s Center
Capitol Hill Volunteer Park (near Asian Art Museum)
Broadview Luther Memorial Church
Fremont History House
Lake City Fred Meyer south parking lot
Maple Leaf Park
Magnolia West Magnolia Playfield
Queen Anne West Queen Anne Playfield
Rainer Beach United Methodist Church
West Seattle Ercolini Park

All Hub locations will welcome visitors and people who would like to learn and participate.  For more information about becoming a Hub volunteer, contact Cindi Barker, 206-933-6968, or Cheryl Dyer.

For information about becoming a Ham radio operator or member of ACS, contact Carl Leon.

Websites for more information about neighborhood Hubs and ACS:
Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs
Seattle Auxiliary Communications Services