Ballard a Winner in 2014 Think Green Recycling Challenge!

In 2014, 7 of 10 neighborhoods reduced their waste compared to last year!

During the recently-concluded 2014 Think Green Recycling Challenge,

  • 127 outreach activities were completed, educating Seattle residents about recycling, composting and waste reduction.
  • Over 250 compost buckets were distributed from the City to encourage recycling.

~ The year before the TGRC began, the diversion rate from our Seattle neighborhoods was 64.76%. We are now up to 66.41%. For a community full of active and ‘relentless recyclers’, a few percentage points is significant.

~ Every year of the TGRC, diversion from our Seattle neighborhoods has increased.

~ By the end of 2014, Waste Management will have given $150,000 to bettering our Seattle communities through neighborhood-improvement projects and non-profit donations.

Here are the winners of this year’s competition, who will receive money to donate to non-profits in their community:
Collection Day         Neighborhood                       Amount Earned
Monday                    North Phinney Ridge                   $2,600
Tuesday                   North Ballard                              $2,600
Friday                       North Wallingford                      $13,600
Tuesday                    South West Seattle – Junction      $1,000
Wednesday              South South Park                          $2,600
Thursday                  South Columbia City                   $25,000
Friday                       South Rainier Beach                     $2,600