At Home in the World: Building a Livable Seattle in the Era of Climate Change – Oct 27

The housing crisis is a climate crisis is a housing crisis.

No decision has a bigger impact on our carbon pollution than where we live:  a lack of abundant and affordable housing pushes people out of the city, where their emissions are two- to four-times as high (due to a lack of good transit, and larger dwellings).

Seattle is already home to many climate migrants, and in coming decades, the Northwest is likely to be one of the most climate-stable regions; many more people will need to move here.

If we care about Seattle being a progressive, sustainable city, we need more housing —citywide, so our most vulnerable communities aren’t the only ones asked to support newcomers. How can we plan for density that’s equitable, and that makes our neighborhoods more vibrant, greener, and better able to support small business and frequent transit?

Join 350 Seattle and Town Hall Seattle  to hear some of the people most passionate about housing and equity, in conversation about our options, including:

Teresa Mosqueda (Seattle City Council)
Hodan Hassan (Got Green)
Katie Wilson (Transit Riders Union)
Margaret Morales (Sightline Institute)
King County Labor Council
Capitol Hill Housing
….and more!

Saturday, October 27, 1pm to 5pm at Seattle First Baptist Church, 1111 Harvard Ave