Ask a Scientist presents “The Future of Ice and Snow”

Live Online: Tuesday, December 8th @ 7pm
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Cascadia Climate Action has organized an online interactive event focusing on the Future of Ice and Snow with at least eight scientists and experts who will field questions in Zoom breakout rooms on December 8th at 7:00 pm.  These events used to be held in brewpubs around the Seattle area, but are now online.  Below are links to tickets and the Facebook event page.  This is sure to be a fun and popular event in its new “science roulette” format and space may become limited.

Climate Science on Tap Facebook
Tickets are available through Stranger Tickets. For those who can’t afford a donation, no-cost tickets are also available.  (See description in Stranger Tickets for how to request by email.)

Winter is coming … but for how much longer? What is the future of ice and snow in our changing climate? Climate Science on Tap is bringing together experts in atmospheric science, glaciology, oceanography, fisheries, marine mammalogy and more to answer your burning questions about this chilly subject! Sign up for this one-of-a-kind annual Climate Science on Tap event that allows you to Ask a Scientist! And there’s a special online twist this year … it’s called “science roulette”. Who will you talk to? What will you learn? Let chance decide but don’t miss your opportunity to be part of these exciting conversations!

Scientists (thus far):
Kyle Armour, PhD, University of Washington (Antarctic Sea Ice)
Bob Bindschadler, PhD, NOAA, retired (Antarctic Glaciology)
George Divoky, PhD (bird loss in arctic circle)
Diana Gergel, Rhodium Group (Arctic Snow and Permafrost)
Kirstin Holsman, PhD, NOAA (Fisheries)
Kristin Laidre, PhD, University of Washington (Arctic Marine Mammology),
Peter Neff, PhD, University of Minnesota (Antarctic Glaciers)
Lauren Sancken, JD, University of Washington (impacts on low-lying nations/communities)

Moderator: P. Sean McDonald, PhD, Program on the Environment, University of Washington

Note: All affiliations are provided for purposes of identification only. This event is open to all, regardless of financial means. No-cost tickets are available by emailing Cascadia Climate Action.