Amazing Grace says “Thanks, Sustainable Ballard!”

From Rev. Colette Mercier, Amazing Grace Spiritual Center ~

I’m giving a shout out to the amazing team who put on our Ballard Sunday Dinner this past snowy Sunday [Feb 10].  Many of our volunteers, including me and Chef Carol, were unable even to get to Ballard.  Fortunately, Sustainable Ballard people live nearby, and NINE of them were willing to show up, tromping through snow and taking slow buses, to feed our homeless friends.

Because serious snow started up at 4 pm, I was even doubting whether guests would brave it through the snow – and we had 54!  And no leftovers, even though we prepared food for 80.  There wasn’t a single Amazing Grace congregant there, so I really want to acknowledge that, even though Amazing Grace initiates second Sunday dinners, it is a full-on collaboration with Sustainable Ballard folks, and we are so very grateful.  This brings tears to my eyes and gratitude to my heart. 
Thanks to Corey, Andrea, Bob, Liz, and Hubert (a first timer!) from Sustainable Ballard, Andrea and Bob’s daughter Anne and two friends she invited, and Rima (Nadia’s sister, who came to us via Amazing Grace).  When Rima and Corey said they’d take the lead and didn’t mind walking over, I knew it would happen.  AND Rima brought a big bag of clothes along, and all were taken.  AND Steve Alexander and Michael Welke, our first-time shoppers from Amazing Grace, bought and loaded in all the food Thursday afternoon, and Justin joined them to do the setup.  What a team!
And thanks to EVERYONE who contributes to providing our dinners each month.  What a gift!

If you are interested in volunteering with this program, contact Camilla.