Sooz’s front rain garden features a wide variety of plants including rushes, penstemon, sage, and blueberries.

Our RainWise system is awesome. It is very low maintenance, and has completely solved a flooding problem in our garage, which is partially underground.

We have two rain gardens. The front one is about 8 feet x 5 feet and receives water from the north side of our roof. The back one, slightly smaller, is filled with hyssop, anemones, coneflowers, and sedge.

The front raingarden plants about to go in.
The front raingarden plants about to go in.

The water gathers first in a 400-gallon cistern made of galvanized metal that we got from a man in Texas who makes them for ranchers. Rainwater travels from the cistern to the rain garden through an underground pipe. In the summer, we can use the water in the cistern to water our plants.

We love our rain gardens!”  – Sooz

  • 2 Rain Gardens & 400 gallon Cistern
  • Design by VireO Design Studio
  • Installation by RR Zollinger Landscape Services




The whole family participated in the installation process!

The galvanized cistern... all the way from Texas.
The galvanized cistern… all the way from Texas.

Sooz’s yard features an abundance of wildflowers.