21 Acres: My Local Pantry – Sept 11

From hummus to salad dressing and everything in between, the 21 Acres kitchen team and Registered Dietitian will teach you how to pack your pantry with foods that you can make yourself, easily and cheaply, using local ingredients. Enjoy the fruits of your labor afterward as you sit down to taste these wonderful creations.

Learn how to make hummus, ricotta cheese, salad dressings, salsa, pesto, and other foods from Northwest ingredients. Cut back on waste and save money as you learn how to stock your pantry without relying on the supermarket.

Instructors: Matt Keen, 21 Acres’ Nutrition and Local Food Education Coordinator, and the 21 Acres Kitchen Team- Asako Sullivan, Sue Skaggs, and Bri Paris.

Registration & Enrollment: Standard fee is $10, discounted rate for 21 Acres members is $7.50. There are three ways to register; online, by e-mail, and by phone.

Get tickets.  Contact Deb for more information; 425-481-1500.