10th Edible Garden Tour – 17+ gardens to explore!

Our 10th Edible Garden Tour is going to be a good one! With 17-plus gardens to visit, attendees are sure to find something new and different.

  • One yard is a permaculture-influenced creative montage! Features include feed-trough planters, a dozen fruit trees (apples, plum, cherries, pears, fig, quince, etc), a driveway given over to veggie beds, and a sweet chicken coop + run for three hens. This yard is RainWise: five cisterns store 1,400+ gallons for watering, and rain garden plantings include edibles. Lots of berries (rasp, blue, aronia, huckle…) + rhubarb galore. Mason bee houses front and back, and plenty of artful touches to be discovered. Popup studio sale featuring hand-cast concrete leaves!
  • Another garden boasts apple and nectarine trees, raspberries, blueberries, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, snap peas, purple sprouting broccoli, squash, various herbs and more. Don’t miss the tomato plant trough in front next to the driveway. Additional attractions include a bowling ball pyramid composed of 155 bowling balls and 7+ hidden Moai statues! The backyard lawn is preserved to be croquet ready. Walk all the way around our house to visit the above garage deck to see what’s growing in containers.
  • See planting spaces built up with pavers and cinder blocks from Ballard Reuse, stepping stones and bricks dug up from around the building, recycled-plastic raised bed boards, pots, and dirt, compost, and mulch. This garden features soybeans, greenbeans, peas, tomatoes, arugula, basil, strawberries, cauliflower, herbs, onions, lemon cucumbers, and pattypan squashes. To avoid running up the water costs for the building, water from the shower in the bathtub is trapped and used as the main water for the garden.

And much, much more — talk to gardeners who have been creative with their planting strips, containers, chickens, bees and all sorts of creative edibles from fruit trees to berries to veggies galore.

Saturday, June 29, 10am – 3pm. Put on your walking shoes or hop on your bike, unicycle or skateboard and head on over to Trinity Church Seattle, 6512 – 23rd Ave NW on the day of the tour to buy your ticket and map. Kids and Sustainable Ballard supporting members are free.