Think Green Challenge

posterSustainable Ballard wins Think Green Outreach Challenge!
From October 2012 – March 2013, 10 neighborhoods competed to reduce garbage (landfill) waste and win a $40,000 prize for the community.  In each neighborhood, a community partner did education and outreach about ways to reuse and recycle our waste.  These community partners were competing for an additional $10,000.  We’re excited to announce that community partner Sustainable Ballard has won the Think Green outreach challenge along with partners in 2 other neighborhoods (Wallingford and Delridge/South Park).  Each will determine how $3,300 will support non-profit projects in their community.

Suggest a project!!

Proposals for the $3300 award money will be accepted through July 31st, 2013.  Proposals must be a new project initiated by a Ballard neighbor and serving the Ballard community.  You may apply for all or part of the award.  All projects will be sponsored by Sustainable Ballard.  Please include the following information:

  1. Name, phone and email
  2. Project description (including how the work will be done in Ballard)
  3. Fund amount requested
  4. Timeline (project should be completed by Dec 31, 2013)

Submit the project to our selection committee by sending an email to  Winners will be announced in early September.

The City of Seattle was very impressed with all of the outreach we participated in – Christmas carols, costume and spring-cleaning swaps, event booths, reusable bag pledges, and answers to “I love recycling, because…” that would put Shakespeare to shame. Visit our facebook post to see some of our answers.  Thanks to everyone who participated in our outreach events.

Winner of the $40,000 award is our neighbor, Greenwood/Phinney Ridge. Congrats Greenwood/Phinney!!  Ballard (Tuesday North) came in 3rd lowest of the competing neighborhoods in landfill waste production.  Good going, neighbors!  And thanks for reading our Monthly Waste Reduction Tips.

Project Lead: Jenny Heins