Office Location and Mailing Address

We have no physical office. Our mailing address is a post office box:
Sustainable Ballard
2442 NW Market Street PMB 286
Seattle, WA 98107


Message phone: 206-701-7000


General email:

Board, Staff and Project Leaders:

Courtney Rosenstein, Board, Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth
Derek Bigelow, Ballard Tool Library
Eric Smith, Board
Eric Thomas, Publicity Coordinator, B Green Building Talks
Jean Davis, Seven Wonders of Ballard Bike Tour
Jennifer Mundee, Food and Garden
Jenny Heins, President, RainWise, SB Social
Jessica Lee, Treasurer, New Economy Circle
Jodi Newton, Board, Social Media
Jody Grage, Ballard Knitters for the Homeless, Legislation for Sustainability
Julia Field, Board
Ken Cousins, Admin Team
Margaret Wetter, Admin Assistant, Sustainable Movies
Michael Wolf, Ballard Urban Gardeners, Little Free Libraries
Orna Locker, Vice-President, Volunteer Coordinator
Paula Jenson, Board, Food and Garden
Susan Peterson, Ballard Sprouts
Tom Sheehan, Board, Ballard District Council Rep, Book & DVD Lending Library

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