Office Location and Mailing Address

We have no physical office. Our mailing address is a post office box:
Sustainable Ballard
2442 NW Market Street PMB 286
Seattle, WA 98107


Message phone: 206-701-7000


General email:

Board, Staff and Project Leaders:
Andrea Faste, Board, PEG
Anna Fidgeon, Ballard Tool Library
Bev Beppler, Free Letters Home
Dana West, Board, MOre Team
Eric Smith, Board, MOre Team
Eric Thomas, B Green Building Talks
Jennifer Mundee, Edible Garden Tour, Market Gleaning
Jenny Heins, President, RainWise, SCALLOPS rep, Festival, Ballard Share and Play, GO Team!
Jody Grage, Ballard Knitters for the Homeless
John Christensen, Meaningful Movies
Julia Field, RainWise, Strategic Advisor
Julia Park, Board, Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth, GO Team!
Kaitlin Hill, Secretary, GO Team!
Ken Cousins, Board, Ballard Tool Library, MOre Team
Margaret Wetter, Admin & Publicity, Reusable Cups Campaign
Mary Olson, Vice President, Treasurer, GO Team!
Megan Brandt, Board, PEG
Paula Jenson, Board, Edible Garden Tour, Little Free Libraries, PEG
Tom Sheehan, Ballard District Council Rep

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