Zipcar Expanding On-Street Locations in Ballard – Seeking your Feedback

Zipcar Seattle Expansion of ‘On-Street’ Locations Program

Accepting Feedback & Support 2.1.16 – 3.31.16

Zipcar Seattle’s already-operating ‘on-street’ or ‘curbside’ Zipcar locations have become very popular with current Zipcar members and neighborhood residents alike as they reduce overall need for car ownership, lessen parking congestion, and provide the neighborhood an impactful, dedicated neighborhood transportaiton benefit. These dedicated neighborhood Zipcars promote & compliment the use of other urban trip-types and modes. As such, Zipcar Seattle is working with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to expand these options. They would love your parking ideas!

• Fast, convenient access…no garages, parking passes, etc.
• Neighborhood asset for residents ages 21-80 (18+ at Universities)
• Dedicated Zipcars compliment bus/bike/walk lifestyles, boost transit use
• Reduced need for 2+ car households
• Each Zipcar takes 15 private vehicles off the road, reduces overall parking need
• Learn more at

Can I help decide where Zipcars go?
You betcha’! Current Zipsters and non-member residents plus businesses can share parking ideas using the survey below. Want Zipcars parked in front of your residence/business?

Visit ZIPCAR.COM/SDOTOUTREACH to take the survey.