We need YOUR help feeding hungry neighbors

Join our team of volunteers who collect donations from the Ballard Farmers Market vendors. At the end of each Sunday market, we deliver donations to the nearby Ballard Food Bank, supplying hungry folks with fresh, local produce.

We’re looking for new volunteers to help feed the community while adhering to our COVID-19 best practices. Volunteers can expect to help by collecting produce from the vendors, carrying boxes and sorting the collected food into containers at the Ballard Food Bank.

Gleaning takes place from 1:40pm to ~4pm on Sundays, beginning about 15 minutes before the end of the market. The time it takes depends on how much food we collect. In recent weeks, we’ve collected over 800 pounds of food each Sunday! We’re flexible with how often you volunteer – even giving your time once a month makes an impact in our community.

This is such a simple and rewarding way to keep good produce out of the compost bin and get it to our Ballard neighbors in need. It’s fun, rewarding, and makes a tangible difference!

To learn more, email Jill at gleanballard@gmail.com with the subject line “New Gleaning Volunteer.”