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Undriving™ and Undriver Licensing™ – The Undriving Program was born in the Sustainable Ballard Transportation Guild, tapping into people’s innate curiosity, creativity, and resourcefulness to make more conscious, active transportation choices, and to discover and share the joys inherent in car-free travel. Since its debut at the 2007 Sustainable Ballard Festival, the Undriver Licensing Station has appeared at over 80 different events, workplaces, and schools all over the region, and has now issued over 10,000 Undriver Licenses to people of all ages. We’re so proud of this home-grown, community-generated concept that has spun off into its own non-profit and gained national and international recognition as an innovator in transportation behavior change.  The Undriving team is now licensing its proven program to organizations wtih a mandate to reduce car use, that could use an engaging way to connect with their communities.  So far, Intercity Transit and Sound Transit are Official Licensing Partners with Undriving, taking their own Undriver LIcensing Stations out to events!  For the full scoop and to get your own Undriver License™, please visit the  Undriving website.  For more information, contact Julia Field.