RainWise Rebates Increase!

It’s official — RainWise rebates have increased for the first time since 2017. More money is available than ever before in the collective pursuit to protect Puget Sound, increase Seattle’s climate resilience, and conserve water. 

If you’ve been waiting for a little extra incentive to get a rain garden or cistern project started in your yard, navigate over to our new 2023 rebate comparison page to see how generous rebate increases will pencil out on real projects.

As in the graphic above, that page includes examples of past projects, detailing what rebate amounts each received in the 2017-2022 period, and what they will now receive. 

In the example of Merica’s rain garden above, which was installed in 2018, water was diverted from her total rooftop area of 922 square feet into a rain garden footprint that was roughly 70 square feet in size.

The rebate she received in 2018 was $3,688. If she approached that same project now, her required rain garden size would be slightly smaller (bottom area = 58 square feet) and her rebate amount would be almost double at $6,454.

Once you’ve visited the rebate comparison page, head to our Find a Contractor page or events list to take the next step. 

NOTE: In the Ballard area, less properties are eligible for rebates than previously. Please be sure to check your eligibility first: RainWise Eligibility Map