Port Ballard

The 24th Street Pier is public and maintained by a group of volunteers. Use is at your own peril and you bear full responsibility for any and all incidents. No overnight moorage allowed. Free.

Check out this video of the pier.

Despite the fact that there should be no overnight moorage, there are two or three boats that for all practical purposes appear to be squatters. I would not leave my boat there unattended.

The coordinates are:

Latitude:   47° 39'.960 N
Longitude: 122° 23'.314 W

Here is a satellite photo. It looks like the nautical charts don’t show the public pier yet, so the coordinates are just one dock off. The dock indicated on the charts is a private one that is attached to the Yankee Diner.

Maps from large scale to small.

 Moorage Instructions and General Rules


Moorage Instructions

  1. Only boats 40 feet or smaller in length are allowed due to structural limitations of the dock. Larger boats moor at own risk, and are subject to fine and impoundment.
  2. No moorage from 2 AM to 5 AM.
  3. Donations are encouraged! Volunteers from the community have constructed and are helping maintain this city-owned facility (dock and park).
    Your financial support of this volunteer effort is greatly appreciated!
  4. Shipboard trash must be kept on board and not deposited at park trash receptacle.
  5. Discharge of sewage into harbor waters is prohibited.
  6. Boat owners/operators must keep dock premises neat, clean, and orderly. No storage or commercial activities allowed.

General Rules

  1. Trash facilities are for park users only.
  2. No loitering or overnight camping. Open fires & camp stoves are strictly forbidden.
  3. All pets must be on leash at all times, and owners are responsible for cleanup of pet waste.
  4. Riding bicycles, skateboards or motorcycles on dock is prohibited.
  5. Neither the city nor community volunteers are responsible for loss of personal property or for any personal injuries suffered by any dock or park user, boat owner/operator and his/her agents or invitees arising from any cause upon boat, dock or park premises.