Our Volunteers are Amazing!

It never fails to amaze me what a group of people can accomplish when working together for a common goal. Over the past year Sustainable Ballard volunteers have gathered baked goods & Farmers Market produce for community meal programs and the Ballard Food bank. They have grown thousands of seedlings to be distributed to P-Patch giving gardens and food banks throughout Seattle. Our Knitters have made hundreds of handmade hats and scarves for neighbors in need. Free Letters home volunteers have connected hundreds with family and friends. Idle Free volunteers have educated drivers about the harmful impact of idling and what they can do to help keep our air clean. Edible Garden volunteers and hosts have shared not only their inspiring food gardens but their knowledge of how to garden sustainably with hundreds of neighbors this past Summer. Our Ballard Tool Librarians have provided access to tools and knowledge on how to fix/create/be self-sufficient.

Some of our volunteers dedicate hours weekly, others monthly or quarterly. We appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! The fact that you choose to spend your time in this very busy world helping others demonstrates the power of community to create change. Sustainable Ballard is lucky to have you and our neighborhood is truly a better place to live/work/play because of YOU! Thank you for all you have done, do, and continue to do.

If you have not volunteered with us before, or it’s been a while and you would like to again, please Contact Us for opportunities. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors, participate in your local Ballard community and create a positive & lasting impact for others.