Need a Great Gift for Mom?

Give the gift of experiencing our annual Edible Garden tour on Saturday June 24th! Our volunteer garden scouts have been out locating fantastic edible gardens in the Northeast portion of Ballard to share with you. We have 12 gardens so far, featuring mason bees, Ballard High School greenhouse, fruit trees, and chickens confirmed for this year’s tour with more to be added.

This is an excellent way to spend a lovely Summer day and see what your neighbors are growing in their veggie gardens. This year’s tour will also coincide with Pollinator Week which celebrates pollinator health and awareness. Pollinator Week we will be emphasizing the connections between climate and pollinators. As any gardener knows, without our pollinators nothing would grow.

To join the fun get your Edible Garden Tour Tickets or become a member Join Today for free admission.

If you have an amazing edible garden in Northeast Ballard (85th to 65th & 3rd to 15th) and would like to participate in this year’s tour or if you would like to volunteer please Contact Alyssa