Here comes the next Game & Puzzle Swap!

It’s that time again! We will be swapping games & puzzles at the Greenwood Library on May 11 at 12 noon. Don’t be late. We have a tight schedule:

  • Check In – 12:00 pm
  • Swap Begins – 12:15 pm
  • Swap Ends – 12:30 pm

How it works:

  • Arrive with your games and puzzles and check in.
  • You’ll receive a token for each game or puzzle you bring (up to five).
  • See what’s available.
  • Once the swap begins, we will draw tokens and if you have a token that matches, select a game or puzzle from what’s available.

RECAP of the last Game & Puzzle Swap:

We had 50 people attend the swap at the Ballard Public Library on Sunday, February 11. It was great to see the excitement of returning participants and the curiosity of new attendees. The puzzle table was overflowing, the table for grown-ups was filled with strategy games like Risk and the family games table had quick card games like Anomia and Tacos vs. Burritos. In contrast, the kid’s table was focused on cooperative games, like Stone Soup, and some classics like, Sorry.

To join our listserv and receive an email with details about the next swap, please contact Ashlee.