Free Letters Home

Connecting Community Far and Near

Last week a Ballard Food Bank client wanted to know what our amazing Free Letters Home volunteer Paula was doing with a table full of cards. She spoke only Mandarin and so Paula communicated through her phone in English which would then translate it back to Lyu in Mandarin. She was so glad to get a choice and chose a card with a blossom to write to a friend, and then took another one as well.

Many food bank clients have used our stationary and postage to get in touch with friends and family and very much enjoy seeing us weekly and appreciate our cards and stamps. Please consider donating any extra or unused holiday cards you may have and forever postage is always needed. Cards and stamps  can be brought to Andrea’s house at 7713 11th Ave NW.

Also, if you have language skills and would like to volunteer for a shift please contact us at Volunteer It makes a big difference to someone when they are able to communicate in their first language. As we enter this season of giving, please think of all the ways you can improve our community by sharing your time and unique talent.