Earth Month Ecochallenge 2024

This year’s theme is “Conserving Every Ecosystem, Caring for Every Creature,” it’s a great opportunity to take action to support conservation through behavioral change. By focusing on daily actions and continuous learning, the aim is to create a sustainable and just world, not just for humans but for all species and ecosystems we rely on.

Take a look at the various categories and select actions that appeal to your values and commit to them for this 30 day project. With all of our collective efforts we can make small changes that have big results! Feel free to share your experience/inspiration/take-aways with us by emailing. We would like to share this out in our next newsletter.

For more info about Earth Month Ecochallenge please check out their website here. Sustainable Ballard encourages daily action towards increasing sustainability in our own community and the world at large. Many of our on-going projects take daily/weekly/monthly actions to decrease food waste, share resources, support our community and much more. To become involved please email Volunteer with Sustainable Ballard